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tabard inn washington dc

Above: The Tabard Inn in Washington, D.C. is not just another historic and storied hotel of our nation’s capital. It’s also home to one of the best wine list’s in the city (image via the Tabard Inn’s Facebook).

Let’s be honest: Generally, when you come across “historic inns” and “bed and breakfasts” in America, you can usually expect to find a crusty old wine list with all the usual (industrial) suspects.

There’s usually no “wine director” at these places. For the most part, it’s a “beverage director” who simply fulfills guests’ sycophantic love of “Merlot, Cab, and Chard,” with the occasional Syrah and “Sauv Blanc” (ugh, how we hate this misnomer!) thrown in the mix.

So what a great breath of fresh air to discover the FANTASTIC wine list at the historic Tabard Inn in Washington, D.C., a classic capital standby where power brokers have met for three generations now!

And what a thrill to find our wines in the company of wine icons like Burlotto and Lafarge.

From the Burgundy and Champagne selections to the Italian and Spanish, it’s obvious that the person behind this list is a first-caliber “wine nerd.”

When in D.C. and thirsty for some great, traditional expressions of European winemaking, check it out…

The Tabard Inn
1739 N St NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 785-1277
Google map


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